Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scholarships Awarded!

Congratulations Sandra, Rebecca, Adrienne, and April! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us at Antelope School, and for honoring my parents by making a difference in your students lives! We look forward to keeping you updated on how the above teachers will be using the funds throughout the new school year. They will be sending photos of their students using the supplies and materials your contributions have assisted in providing.

We met at Antelope Elementary School in Red Bluff, CA where my mom taught for over 28 years!

Memorial plaques remembering teachers and school board members that have served in the district...what a wonderful remembrance to see my parents names listed here!

We look forward to awarding future scholarships to teachers in Tehama County, and hope you will consider making a contribution to this worthy cause. Your funds will make such a difference in the lives of local elementary and high school students...our future depends on raising well educated children, and we can do that by supporting teachers, one scholarship at a time!

Thank you for visiting our site...please visit again for pictures, stories, and updates from "The Apple Tree Scholarship Fund!"

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