Monday, May 18, 2009

Congratulations Scholarship Recipients!

We would like to extend our Congratulations to 4 wonderful recipients for the first annual, "Apple Tree Scholarship Fund!"


Sandra B. who is teaching 4th Grade in Tehama County and will be utilizing the scholarship funds to take her students to Sacramento to visit historical museums! With recent budget cutbacks and rising fuel costs, field trips are no longer offered to students unless fundraising is accomplished. Sandra looks forward to bringing back field trips that demonstrate the gold rush era for her students!

April B. is student teaching with deaf and hard of hearing students in Tehama County. She looks forward to purchasing special digital cameras and monitors that will enable her students to videotape themselves reciting stories, etc... These tools will greatly assist her students in communication skills using various technology!

Adrienne W. is a student teacher who will be applying her funds to many needed classes in the teacher preparation program she is pursuing in the areas of Family Child Development/Nutrition/ and more. She is adding on a Secondary Credential that will enable her to work with an even broader base of students in the coming year.

Rebecca G. is teaching 1st Grade in Tehama County and would like to apply scholarship funds toward purchasing additional books for the students home reading program. She would also like to purchase supplementary games and materials for her students that will help reinforce skills through games and manipulatives. She needs supplies to assist in teaching money, time, place value, parts of speech, the first grade curriculum.

We thank all of the many worthy candidates who submitted applications for "The Apple Tree Scholarship Fund." As you can imagine, it was difficult to narrow our selection down to 4 recipients. We hope to continue the scholarship fund yearly, and generate continued interest so that we might be able to award many more educators funds in the coming years. I know my parents would have been so pleased to see their love of teaching and children honored in this way.

We would welcome and appreciate your donation to the scholarship fund, and hope you will consider making a contribution. Click on the "Donate" button on the right sidebar for more information and to learn how your contributions will make a difference in the lives of students in Tehama County, California! Thank you!

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  1. Many great ideas! I bet it was hard to pick! How often are the scholarships going to be given out?